Naviro is an sales agent for Scandinavian Lightstick AB, the exclusive swedish distributor of the world-leading Cyalume safety products.

Cyalume safety products are based on chemical lightsticks and flourocent technology. They provide emergency and work light without the need of electric power and electronics . They come in many different shapes and models to cover a wide range of applications. Large customers are NATO, US Coast Guard and other military, navy and rescue organisations. Other customers are hotels, divers, marine operators and private persons.

Examples of applications for the swedish market are:

-Emergency lights for boats /marine applications. Can be used both as work light and position lights

-Emergency light for cars. Make sure you and your car is visable at emergency situations

-Proffessional rescue and help services on and offshore

-Hotel and industrial building emergency lights

-Train emergency lights

-Diving position lights

-Light in case of gas/fume explosion risk ( AX approved)

-Hiking, caping, events, maintenance and much more!

The Cyalume lightsticks are extremely durable, produce no heat or sparks, can windstand any outdoor climate, are 100 % water and pressure tight up to 10 bars.

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