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What We Offer

A key business area for Naviro is aftermarket development. We help companies to make the most of their aftermarket with results such as increased sales, better profitability, improved quality and higher customer satisfaction. We have very well documented and excellent results both as consultants and from previous employments.

Aftermarket is often referred to with words like after sales, services, spare parts and field services. No matter what it is called, we can help with both advice and actions.

Many companies who produce products also provide a range of aftermarket products and services. It can be just spare parts, but also a wide portfolio that may include

  • Spare parts and consumables
  • Repairs and maintenance
  • Inspections and certifications
  • Technical support
  • Training of users, operators and maintenance staff
  • Upgrades and modernizations
  • Second hand markets
  • Service, operation and financing contracts

Our own experience, as well as many major studies, shows that there is often a large untapped revenue and profit growth potential. Actions may be relatively easy to do, and give fast effect. A successful aftermarket business also strenghten capital (new) sales and customer satisfaction levels.

Through Bernt, Naviro has both long own operative and consultative experience with documented excellent results. Bernt has been managing several aftermarket organisations of different sizes and types before becoming a consultant.

Based on this experience, combined with the latest know-how and well-known methods, Naviro can help companies develop their aftermarket. And our ability is well proven and documented. Our own practical experience of both office and field work give us an advantage over traditional consultants relying mainly on theories and models, and often being generalists.

Naviro has also a network of specialists ready to assist with additional and specific competences when needed, such as ERP experts and logistic experts.

Naviro has also founded the portal, where experts meet and share information. The aim of this site to help companies find inspiration to focus more on the aftermarket, but also to make sure we as consultants remain up-to-date on the latest development and status.

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Offering in short

Develop your aftermarket now!

  • Review of service and product portfolio
  • Spare part pricing review
  • Find focus areas to grow sales and margins
  • Effective internal processes
  • Proactive sales and CRM/installed base
  • Service agreements, global services