Project Description

What We Offer

Need to get a grip of something, but lack the time or tools to do so? Need to find out how others are doing things? Let us help you.

We are the extra resource you may need. You can focus on your normal duties while we complete the studies and analysis you need. And we are not a typical theoretical management consultant producing tons of papers based on fancy models, but often found hard to apply. Instead we use our own operative experience and a straight-to-the-point approach. We dive directly in your specific needs and always aim at producing material that really makes a difference.

We have done many studies and analyses, and we are proud to say that all have been well received. Examples are as wide as studying all sea ports in Brazil, reviewing spare part pricing, bench-marking competitors, M&A candidate overviews, customer surveys, studies of new market segments and review of industry rules & regulations.

Being an external resource, we can focus on things that are often secondary duties to your employees. We can do the work efficiently, fast and without old values influencing the outcome. We look at things with a helicopter and outside-in perspective, not influenced by the “old truths” and “tried it, cannot be done” attitudes. And you don’t have to compromise between the daily business operation and doing the studies as we add the resources you need.

Examples of what we offer:

  • Market and competitor studies
  • Bench-marking studies
  • Analysis of sales and aftermarket service business
  • Customer mapping and evaluation
  • Customer surveys
  • Revenue & Profit stream analysis
  • Products & Services analysis

Offering in short

We do what you didn’t have the time or tools to do.

  • Customer & Market studies
  • Spare part pricing and inventory reviews
  • Document processes
  • Bench-marking studies
  • Analysis of Sales and Service revenues
  • Health-check of sales terms & conditions
  • Competitor data collection
  • Customer surveys and mapping