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Looking for an external board member?

If not, read this first!

Small and owner-lead companies are often found to have a small board. It may include the owner, the CEO and perhaps a few key employees. Or just the owner and a family member.

All-though it may cover the legal requirements, it may not be the best solution. A board could and should be more than a formality. With an active board work, the company can develop faster and safer. An active board is based on a good mix of board members who contribute with different competences and backgrounds.

Why use an external board member?

An external member can be targeted for specific competences that may not be available within the company. Also he/she brings on external and neutral perspectives. The “old truths hinders and not invented here” syndromes are eliminated.

With the right choice of external board members, useful competences and networks, with long-term commitments, are brought in. And the cost is mostly very reasonable compared to hiring consultants who need to first understand your business, and whom you have no long-term relation with.

Moreover, external parties including customers often view your company as more professional and modern, which may be beneficial in a number of situations like when seeking financing, at joint-ventures, at audits and negotiating long-term commitments.

Our consultant Bernt Gunnarson has a well-known and leading quality and competence certification for board duties in Sweden (Styrelseakademien Certified Board Member, 2013). We are also members of Styrelseakademien, a leading umbrella organisation for professionals involved in governance & board duty work.

Offering in short

Boost your company’s board work

  • Add new competences
  • Add an external view
  • Add a new network
  • Certified by Styrelseakademien