Project Description

What We Offer

We have led or supported many integration and change projects and are ready to assist, advice and lead such projects as needed. These are very difficult and challenging tasks, and they have often a strong impact on your business. Yet they are often overseen and lack the resources and competences they require.

Huge efforts and investments may be spent on say a new strategy, a new IT tool or on M&A activities, but then the actual change and integration work is overseen or done with a minimum of effort. Unfortunately the results may then be weak even if the core intentions or tools where great. In worst case, even the basic business processes and the company culture is hurt.

We have ample experience and the advantage of being a neutral party from outside your organization. We are good at gaining trust from the organization, and often become a relief valve and sounding-board. Especially in integration projects, having a neutral party involved is very helpful. A successful integration or change project is about understanding people and showing good leadership. But also about using the right methods and tools, and being experienced.

Let us help you lead the project, or at least give solid advice on how.


Naviro can help you to integrate an acquired company.

Integration projects could also cover functions or business lines within your company, like production units, product lines and market channels. Integration projects could also involve trademarks, internal policies or other matters where a quick and united implementation is crucial. Integrations is often among the most challenging tasks a management team can take on.

Naviro can help analyse the situation and make an integration plan. Naviro can also lead the integration project if required. Naviro uses a checklist which may include over 100 checkpoints. For M&A projects, they may include financial control issues, organisational matters, employment conditions and contracts, official or unofficial company culture, reporting and management lines, legal questions, IT questions, communication internal and external, sales and market questions. Naviro prepares a tailored checklist for each project.

A considerable part of integration work is to manage “soft issues” that are difficult to measure and to analyse. Company culture is one such issue. Factors like prestige, the “ not-invented-here” syndromes and personal gains also influence the result. Naviro contributes with resources and experience, and can be a neutral party that all sides can feel confident with.

Change projects

The word change can of course mean a lot of things. Naviro mainly works with big changes that influence the core activity of the company, and as such are vital for success. All of the other areas that Naviro works with (business development, mergers & acquisitions and integrations) mean changes in one way or another and are thus tightly linked to the service “change management”. Changes can of course also be related to other areas and activities.

Few companies have enough resourses and experience to manage big changes on their own. Naviro can help. As with integrations, it can also be advantageous to use an external and neutral party that can be seen as objective and can more easily establish confidence with all parties concerned.

Some examples of changes where Naviro can help:

  • Large re-organisations
  • Change or major adjustment of strategy, market, products/services, i.e. re-positioning of the company partly or fully
  • When the company changes ownership and/or management
  • Product or trademark portfolio review and/or changes. Often involves a lot of personal feelings and prestige where a neutral party can be very useful!
  • When strongly displeased key customers require extensive measures
  • Efficiency improvement and supporting system projects that require big changes ( like introducing a CRM system).

Success factors when working with change management

What is the key to success for change management? There are a number of well-known factors that in most cases must be managed in order to succeed. These can in turn be broken down into a tailor-made plan for each change project. Some of the most important factors to manage are:

  • Create a feeling of awareness and seriousness, why are we doing this?
  • Agree on a clear vision and strategy: What do we want to achieve and how?
  • Ensure that authority and delegation goes hand in hand. In this way, the change happens faster and broader and the commitment increases.
  • Communicate and discuss the vision and the strategy. Rather too much than too little! Once the project is started, communicate progress often and honestly.
  • Appoint the right project manager, project group and possibly steering group. Ensure that resources, time plans and budgets are aligned with the mission given!

Naviro can assist before, during and after major changes. By using Naviro you add resources and experience to the project. And also a neutral party – a speaking partner for all sides.

Offering in short

We add competence, resources and a neutral point-of-view.

  • Pre studies & advice
  • Plans and management support
  • General advice and training
  • External project manager
  • Act as a neutral speaking partner
  • Adding dedicated rescources