Project Description

What we do

Naviro have extensive experience in the marine industry, both for leisure boats, commercial port based equipment and ship equipment. We are frequently consulted by boat builders, marine industry suppliers and investors. We are also hired as experts by a major consultancy firm when they have large marine-related projects.

We understand how both sales and service works in the marine industry. And we have a good technical knowledge of material/cargo handling equipment both at the port and onboard the ship. Privately, we have been leisure boaters for many years and have developed a sense for what defines a great boat.

We can help you develop both sales and services. We are used to complex technical and commercial contracts and projects. We are also used to work with agents and distributors, yards, port authorities, ship owners, ship managers and ship chandlers of all sizes and around the world.

We can do market surveys, bench-marking, support M&A work, review commercial conditions, give advice on marketing and sales strategies, analyze installed base and its business potential, review service business potential and much more. We can also help with generating and bounce ideas, coach sales staff and assist in re-organizations and recruitments.

The experience to support it

As a base, our consultant Bernt have over 20 years of own work experience and 5 years of consultancy work for the marine industry, working for companies like Siwertell , Anytec and MacGregor. Bernt was for many years a specialist in port cranes and terminals for bulk handling, working with design, sales and service around the world. Later, as a director in MacGregor’s service division, he worked with a wide range of products including deck cranes, offshore subsea cranes, winches, lashing systems, RoRo systems and hatch covers.  He then worked with customers in the merchant shipping, ship construction and offshore energy sector.

Within the leisure boating industry, Bernt has worked on several projects including a quality improvement program, an owner’s manual project and a boat prototype testing program.

Offering in Short

We have long own experience of the marine and leisure boat industry!
We provide both Advice & Actions for:

  • Business Development projects
  • Quality improvement programs
  • Market studies
  • Bench-marking
  • Prototype testing of leisure boats
  • Technical documentation / manuals
  • Sales & Marketing improvements
  • Aftermarket/service growth
  • Organizational matters
  • M&A, change projects, integrations
  • Other management issues