Project Description

What We Offer

Sales & Marketing are key processes in most businesses. As internal and external conditions changes, it’s important to constantly develop these processes too. But it’s easy to get stuck in old habits and truths. Take advantage of Naviro’s long B2B experience. We will within short establish a neutral helicopter view, and suggest improvement areas.

Solid experience

Naviro’s base is our own 25 years of national and global sales experience within industrial B2B segments. We have worked with both standard 1 EUR spares sales and complex 15 MEUR process plant sales. We have worked with a variety of cultures and customer types around the world. With this experience in hand we are likely to be able to add competences and new perspectives to your sales & marketing work. We have also long experience of writing and negotiating complex commercial terms and conditions.

Our role

We can act both as a coach, advisor, sounding-board and idea generator. We can lead or support specific projects. We can also do market studies, competitor bench-marking reports and much more.

Our customers report that we are very fast in grasping their business and see opportunities. We are also good at generating new ideas and see new angles. And we are very much down-to-earth and practical, thanks to our own operative experience.

Perhaps you already know what must be done, but lack the resources or tools to do so. Or you have a vision or hunch but are uncertain how to fulfill it. Or perhaps you just want to make a “healthcheck” and see if someone from outside can add something. In all these cases, Naviro can help you.

Examples of what we can help you with:

  • Analyzing customers and markets
  • Market-, competitor- and benchmarking studies
  • Review business plan, vision and strategy
  • Develop sales conditions, sales documents and quote/order templates
  • Review and developing dealers, agents and other market channels
  • Coaching of sales staff
  • Improve marketing materials
  • Website production or upgrades. We work closely with designers and web experts, where Naviro can lead the web projects and may also produce text and photo content: or just help you with ideas and selection of suppliers

Offering in short

We add competence, capacity, a neutral opinion and fresh thinking!

  • Customer & Market studies
  • Analysis of sales by segments, customers and offering
  • Proactive sales and CRM thinking
  • Health-check of sales terms & conditions
  • Marketing strategy and tools
  • Bench-marking, competitor analysis
  • Coaching, idea generation, sounding-board
  • Advice, support or lead projects