Project Description

What We Offer

Need new ideas, new solutions to old problems, and a new way of thinking?
Have tried classic brain-storming techniques?
But not achieved the results you want?

Then try the Idea Game!

The Idea Game is a new method to generate and qualify ideas, fast and with surprisingly good results.

With the Idea Game you can in a very short time create completely new and groundbreaking ideas for your business.The game invites everyone to contribute. There are few rules and a lot of positive energy. The Idea Game builds on established methodology and tools for creative thinking and refinement of new ideas.

The Idea game is played like a classic board game, combined with several techniques to create new ideas and to qualify them. Elements of competition, speed and a lot of fun brings the process forward with speed and remarkable results. You will be surprised of the things you come up with!

Naviro provides the game, and we are trained by the developer in leading play sessions. All we need is a place to play and a question to generate ideas and solutions around. Typically we play 2 x 45 minutes and with 4-6 players, but it can be adapted to your needs. We have both Swedish and English versions of the game.

Contact us to learn more! You have a lot to win and very little to lose. So come on!

Offering in short

We help you generate lots of new ideas

  • A modern brain-storming tool
  • More effective and fun than old methods
  • Surprisingly many ideas in a short time
  • Easy, we prepare everything!
  • Great tool to get going and break deadlocks